Anna Bligh

About Queensland Labor Premier Anna Bligh

The following was posted as a comment to the Larvatus Prodeo story -480082">Anna's Independence Day of 22 June 08.

Whilst it may be possible to argue that does not have all of 's serious flaws, the article seems to overlook a whole range of hugely controversial and unpopular pro-big-business policies of Anna Bligh and her government. Some are clearly Bligh's own initiatives, whilst many others are continuations of Beattie's policies.

These include her anti-democratic trampling on the rights of communities and their local councils to oppose over-development and overpopulation (as -470753">discussed in the forum abruptly ended seemingly on the -478942">flimsiest of pretexts) and her policy of continuing to flog off the family silver (currently the Cairns and Mackay airports, and, before long I expect, water, Queensland Rail also) to pay for other government services.

Her determination to accelerate the insane destructive enormously costly frenzy of road, bridge, tunnel and high-rise construction across Brisbane is beyond belief, and her continued encouragement of population growth, when existing Brisbane residents let alone buy dwellings seems to indicate a reckless indifference to their welfare.

She is truly a servant of the property lobby and other powerful vested interests.