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( Blog site started only on 15 March in response to Murdoch's Brisbane Sunday Mail newspaper's smearing of Queensland election candidate Pauline Hanson on 14 May with naked photos they later acknowledged to be fake. Latest articles include:

of 21 Jun 08 by John Stapleton in the Australian newspaper. More propaganda in favour of immigration and the guest worker program. Read what Mark O'Connor has to on this.

editorial in The Australian of 19 May 08

editorial in The Australian of 16 May 08

of 17 May 08. The Australian's editor-at-large Paul Kelly praises Federal Immigration Minister Chris Evans' decision to increase the annual immigration intake to 300,000

31 Oct 2007: Murdoch's Australian pronounces Peter Garrett's subsequently backtracked commitment to sign the new global agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, without the prior commitment of China and the US, to be a blunder. It begins "PETER Garrett's political credentials were in tatters last night after Kevin Rudd forced his environment spokesman to issue a humiliating clarification of Labor's greenhouse gas policy."

Many would have thought Garrett's support for the Tasmanian Pulp Mill and, prior to that, support for Uranium, rather than his policy, now withdrawn, that Australia show real leadership on the issue of greenhouse emissions is what woud have would have done far more damage Garrett's poltical credibility.

Related article , 31 Oct 2007

26 Oct 2007: As if we have not already been reminded sufficiently, this story restates one of the supposed major selling points of the Howard Government, that is that Australia has historically low unemployment (without regard to the fact that an ‘employed’ person need only work 1 hour per week). Implictly this has all been caused by Howard alone and we are therefore all beholden to return Howard to office. See in regard to this one.

In the printed version the continuation on page 10 has a different heading: "Labor up against jobs hurdle". More than likely that was the original headline until someone must have decided that that was not sufficiently subtle. However, in changing the front page headline it appears that they neglected to also change the continuation headline.

It is puzzling that a newspaper which notionally champions Indigenous participation should be so critical of an Aboriginal man in a senior public sector job.

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in the Guardian of 11 Feb 2003