Chemical weapons inspectors blew whistle on OPCW attempt to fabricate 'chemical weapons' pretext for US war against Syria

From (12/3/2021) | RT The scandal surrounding alleged manipulation of scientific data in the chemical weapons watchdog the OPCW, ignored by both the organization and the mainstream media, is only getting worse with time, a pro-whistleblower group said. A new statement from whistleblower-supporting organization the Courage Foundation complains that the leadership of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has failed to properly address accusations of a coverup involving the alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria in April 2018. Instead it tried to “side-step the issue” entirely by targeting directly and apparently indirectly the whistleblowers who brought their concerns about the integrity of the OPCW’s investigation of the incident into public view. The statement was signed by almost 30 public figures, including author Noam Chomsky, Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, journalist and filmmaker John Pilger, and musician and activist Roger Waters. The list also includes multiple scientists, including four former OPCW inspectors, as well as the organization’s founding director, Jose Bustani. For more, go to (12/3/2021) | RT. " id="comment"Candobetter comment: This is one example where whistleblowers have tried to reveal coverups through means other than through Wikileaks. In this case the management of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) produced a report which supposedly showed that the Syrian Government of President Bashar al-Assad had used chemical weapons against his own people. Those OPCW inspectors who had had inspected the sites where the chemical weapons attacks supposedly took place, reported to their management that they had not found any evidence of any chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government, They therefore knew that the report publicly released by the OPCW must have been fabricated at the behest of the OPCW management, so they blew the whistle. Like Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning , they have suffered persecution by the OPCW management for their courageous honesty.

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() Extradition Hearing mistrial - Chris Hedges interviews former British Ambassador Craig Murray. (embedded in above article) His exhaustive reporting has become one of the few sources of reliable information about the hearing.

() (28/9/20) The Duran as fights extradition over 100 eminent political figures, including 13 past & present heads of state, denounced its illegality.

() Also posted to: Liveblog updates on Assange extradition trial @ wikileaks Whilst I welcome Jeremy Corbyn’s name being on the list, I don’t recall where he ever once said a word about whilst he was Opposition leader.


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9 December 2020: In response to

after propping up that fart Guaido and sending mercenaries on a coup a few months ago is frankly hilarious.

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Leader of the UK-US funded adjunct group the , Khaled al-Saleh and his family, have arrived in - good luck German people

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11am +11, 20 Dec 2020 ">This account now has 59,000 followers interested in my son journalist Julian Assange & the " Campaign

Will again wipe 5,000 off again overnight... at a crucial moment in the fight to free him or let it reach 60,000?

12:30pm +11, 20 Dec 2020 by Malthusista: ">If Twitter cannot trust us to use our own best judgement, then perhaps it's time for a government of good intent to set up an alternative. Would Russia or Iran, who produce and than in the West, rise to the challenge? It would surely cost them only a small fraction of what they are now having to spend to defend themselves against the war plans of the U.S., Israel and their allies.